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How to Delete Friends on FacebookYou may find one or more annoying friends on your facebook friends list and you want to delete them .
Or you may accidently add someone you don't know and you want to unfriend or remove him .
This guide will show you how to delete friends ( Unfriend ) on Facebook in a very easy way :

1- Go to your friend's profile (timeline)
to go to person's profile just type his name in the search box or click on his name in any of his posts .
2- Hover over the Friends button at the top of his profile (timeline) and click Unfriend

3- you will see a confirmation dialog, Click on ( Remove from Friends ) to Delete this person from friends .

Note: If you choose to unfriend someone, you will be removed from that person's friends list as well. If you want to friend this person again, you'll need to send him a new friend request.