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Cover Pictures on Facebook can be changed in so many ways and for unlimited times, On this guide you will know how to change your Facebook Cover Picture in a very easy way.

Once you have logged in to Facebook, on the top right Facebook page corner, click on your name to access your profile.

After doing that, hover your mouse over the cover area and click on the [Change Cover] button that will appear.
Then, a menu will appear which contains options to change your cover:
[Choose from Photos] to use a picture from your Facebook Photo Album that you have previously uploaded or in which you were tagged.
[Upload Photo] to upload a photo from your computer.
[Reposition] to adjust the Cover picture position.
[Remove] to remove your Cover picture.

The following steps are illustration for each option:

-[Choose from Photos] Option

A window containing your uploaded pictures will appear. Choose the one you want to make it your 
cover photo.
After choosing a photo, adjust it's position and then click [Save] to us it as your Cover.

-[Upload Photo] Option

After clicking this option browsing window will appear, you should select the photo from your computer that you want to upload and click [Open] button.

After choosing a photo, adjust it's position and then click [Save] to us it as your Cover.

-[Reposition] Option

Your Cover will be shown in a preview mode where you can drag it to adjust it's position, after finishing adjusting click [Save] to us it as your Cover.

These are the most common ways you can use to change your profile or page cover.


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